Ripley Lighting Controls has been a leader in the photocontrol industry for over 70 years. Ripley Lighting Controls and parent company SouthConn Technologies takes pride in quality standards that meet or exceed industry standards in all of their product lines. Ripley Lighting Controls continuously brings innovation to the photocontrol industry, such as the Ripley PhotoClock®. Wherever control of outdoor lighting is needed, Ripley Lighting Controls is there - streetlights, roadway lighting, area lighting, parking lot lights, billboard lights, landscaping lighting, sign lighting and more.


Ripley Lighting Controls was purchased by SouthConn Technologies, Inc. in September, 1999. SouthConn Technologies, a leader in the critical study and implementation of manufacturing production standards and efficiencies, brought Ripley Lighting Controls to a quality never before experienced.


SouthConn Technologies, Inc. takes pride in high quality standards in their current line of emergency alarm products, performance control equipment, industrial stucco equipment, industrial control cables used in automotive and aerospace manufacturing, and various magnet products such as transformers and pumps. Their manufacturing standards include UL, TUV, FM, ULC, CSA, ANSI and AAR.


These same standards are applied to manufacturing the whole Ripley product line, creating superior photocontrols, shorting caps, contactor control boxes as well as custom design control products.


Ripley continues to bring innovation to the photocontrol industry. Wherever there is outdoor lighting, Ripley is there. Streetlights, parking lot lights, billboard lights; ... you'll find Ripley, leader in the industry.