HUBBELL Headquarter

Hubbell Incorporated, Orange, CT has a long history. The Company was founded in 1888 by Harvey Hubbell. Harvey Hubbell worked with ideas. Finding better ways. While Thomas Edison was discovering the potential of electricity, Harvey Hubbell created the first practical method to control it. His pull chain light bulb socket remains unchanged today. Later he developed the electrical plug and wall device arrangement that is so familiar to each of us. Hubbell Incorporated has grown to become a diversified Company with multiple manufacturing plants and markets around the globe.


In 1978, Hubbell purchased Ohio Brass (OB). This purchase marked the Company's entry into and commitment to the electric utility industry. In 1994, A. B.


Chance Company was acquired and the Hubbell Power Systems (HPS) Platform was established. Anderson followed in 1996, with Fargo in 1998. Chardon Electrical Components quickly followed as an HPS family member in 1999. In 2006, Hubbell acquired Quazite and Polycast (Hubbell Lenoir City, Inc.) The acquisition of PCORE Electric Company was completed in 2007.


2008 proved to be the most dynamic single acquisition year as we added Electro Composites, USCO and CDR to the Hubbell Power Systems Platform. Our 26 major product lines are marketed under the brands Anderson, CDR, Chance, Electro Composites, Fargo, Hot Box, Ohio Brass, PCORE, Polycast, Quazite and USCO.